Why VectorWise?

TPC-H@100 Benchmarks

Faster Insight for Quicker Decisions

With Yellowfin and VectorWise, you can share insight with all business stakeholders faster with user-driven publishing and report distribution.

1. Faster Performance
Satisfy user expectations with super fast performance. Query response times are reduced from hours to minutes, minutes to seconds.

2. Faster and Deeper Insight
Explore more data with greater flexibility without the reliance on IT to pre-build views.

3. More Agile BI
Yellowfin’s intuitive user interface allows users to analyze their own data and build their own reports.

See TPC-H Benchmarks
Download Full TPC-H Benchmark Report

Faster Deployment with Less Complexity

Yellowfin and VectorWise enable you to deploy BI projects faster by removing the technical complexity of managing data, allowing you to realize:

Faster Projects1. Faster Deployment
Install, configure and run in days, not weeks.

2. Faster Projects
Deploy projects without complex schemas, aggregations, or OLAP cubes.

3. Reduced IT Workloads
Simplify your datawarehouse and datamart design, simultaneously reducing demand on IT personnel and resources. And, require less hardware and infrastructure compared to traditional BI solutions.

Faster Return on Investment

Yellowfin and VectorWise enables you to explore data without risky, complex, and costly data warehouse projects, allowing you to:

Price Performance1. Spend Less on Infrastructure
Achieve faster and more scalable performance with less hardware.
2. Spend Less Supporting BI
Remove complexity, save time, and spend less on ongoing IT maintenance for BI projects – lower the total cost of ownership for BI projects.
3. Do More with Less
Get more insight from your BI environments in shorter time frames.

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