Recorded Webinar: Making Business Intelligence Faster and Easier

Miss the highly successful VectorWise and Yellowfin Webinar Making Business Intelligence Faster and Easier? Never fear! We’ve recorded it.

Now you can view it on-demand and see for yourself how Yellowfin and VectoWise deliver the world’s fastest and easiest-to-use total business analytics package at a price point that makes world-class Business Intelligence (BI) accessible to everyone.

View this Webinar to discover how to unlock the power of your organization’s growing data assets and get staggeringly fast answers to critical business questions.

Watch this Webinar to:

  • See the world’s most easy-to-use BI solution and learn how it enables faster, sustainable, widespread user adoption
  • Find out how VectorWise’s revolutionary software enables super fast ad-hoc reporting that is more affordable, and creates less work for IT
  • See how to go from data to dashboard in under 10 minutes

More on Yellowfin and Ingres VectorWise

For more on Yellowfin or Ingres VectorWise, visit or where you’ll find whitepapers, brochures, blogs and video. Also check out the Yellowfin and VectorWise LinkedIn groups, and for regular news and updates follow Yellowfin on Twitter (@YellowfinBI).

More on VectorWise
Like to see how fast the record breaking analytic database VectorWise is in person? Go to and undertake a free trial. And if you need assistance, just contact Ingres at

More on Yellowfin
Want to find out just how easily Yellowfin can deliver insight into your own business? For a one-on-one personalized demonstration, or to discuss partnering options, simply register your details here.

Keen to try Yellowfin for yourself? Register your details here.

Best regards,

The teams at Yellowfin and Ingres VectorWise


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