Welcome to FastReporting.com.au

Welcome to FastReporting.com.au

FastReporting.com.au will show you how to make the most out of interactive reporting and analytics, using the world’s easiest-to-use Business Intelligence (BI) solution, Yellowfin, and the record-breakingly fast VectorWise database.

FastReporting.com.au is your dedicated resource for understanding how to make reporting faster and easier, and how you can get started using Yellowfin and VectorWise.

Why Fast Reporting?

Having spent years experiencing fast and easy Google searches, today’s business users are demanding faster answers! Yet data is growing exponentially, with IDC predicting data volumes to increase 44 times over by 2020. So the importance of getting fast answers with less complexity is growing. But, data volumes are also growing at unprecedented rates, making fast and easy data analysis both more important and harder to achieve.

Even with today’s current level of data, “poor query performance is by far the most frequently reported product-related problem” cited in the latest The BI Survey and on all other previous editions of that survey.  The Godfather of Data Warehousing, Ralph Kimball, also cites speed as of of the top  unavoidable reality and design constraints for reporting and analytics.

What’s Wrong with Traditional Reporting and Analytics?

So why does traditional reporting and analytics take so long? Well, relational databases are slow and full of bottlenecks, often using only a fraction of your CPU capability. While analysts and business decision-makers want to ask interactive questions of your data, reports take hours or even days to generate, requiring IT support. To overcome this database bottleneck, IT use a variety of BI tuning techniques to speed up performance, including indexing, aggregations, and OLAP cubes. Upgrading hardware or adding additional hardware is another common tactic. These work-arounds are time consuming, complex and expensive. Whilst they do make reporting and analytics faster, they all fail to address the fundamental issue – that databases are slow.

A faster, easier, less complex solution

What if you could achieve the interactive reporting users expect, get substantially more performance out of existing hardware, and make it faster and easier for your IT department to manage BI, reporting and analytics?

FastReporting.com.au will answer these questions and offers a total business analytics solution that’s faster, easier, less complex and less expensive. How? By combining the world’s easiest BI solution, Yellowfin, with VectorWise, the world’s fastest database.

What you will find in FastReporting.com.au?

• Instructional videos
• Whitepapers
• Data sheets
• Links to Yellowfin and VectorWise wiki’s and forums to help you get started
• Links to Yellowfin and VectorWise downloads
• Regular blogs and updates on how to get the most out of Yellowfin and VectorWise

Yellowfin and VectorWise: Making Business Intelligence faster and easier.

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